Friday, January 1, 2010

Snow...and other New Year's Day Happenings

Wouldn't you love it if you woke up in Northern New England to peer outside your frosty window and see this:

Yeah, so would I!

Ok, well not for long, seeing as I really dislike cold and snowy weather. But when I'm inside, all wrapped up in a blanket drinking some peppermint cocoa and eating cookies, it sure it beautiful to look out at. And it sounds like when I wake up Sunday morning, this is what I may be seeing! =] [Or something similar... since I live on a main road that will mostly be covered in sand, and plowed up to ruin the snowbanks... and awww man! It'll be ruined!] Ok, so I won't dwell on that... but the field across the street will have a similar look to it and it will remind me why I love winter... I hope.

This afternoon the family played Wii, and I totally did NOT act completely immature when my 14 year old brother grabbed the remote and made me play two player! [Oh no, I would NEVER do that!] Ok, so I did... but I'm working on it. Actually I'm working on a whole control issue I have. I'm not sure what compels me to do it, but I LOVE being in control and [unfortunately] will act like a total and complete IDIOT in order to stay in control. It's a MAJOR problem, and like I said, I'm working on it. But we did have fun as a family, playing bowling and golf, until things got...AHEM.... out of hand.

Speaking of the Wii... I LOVE IT! It's pure fun! My grandparents bought it for us for Christmas. And to be honest, we have 5 games... that's it. The console came with a sports game that includes bowling, boxing, golf, tennis, and baseball. Then my parents bought us a game called WiiPlay, that has... hold your breath! a COW RACE! amongst such games as "Laser Hockey" [essentially air hockey with neon :) ] and pool. Then each of the younger kids got an individual game, Cheerleading, Tak and the power of Juju and Lego Indiana Jones. And the only one we ever play is bowling! It's so much fun! I LOVE IT! So there's my little advertising time for Wii... honestly, it's worth every penny, I assure you.

Last thing I'm going to say, PROMISE! I'm a TV addict... my last confession!

Happy New Year!

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