Monday, March 1, 2010

A breath of fresh air...

is awaiting me around the corner. All I have to do is make it to that corner. And metaphorically speaking, that corner is Friday morning. That's right. As of 12:20 pm on Friday I will officially be on my first ever college spring break! And I'll be doing what us broke college students do, and will be taking the bus home to visit my home, family, and friends. And boy I cannot wait. I never thought I would want a break this badly, but I do and there are a few simple reasons why.

First of all, my mom babysits in our home. Recently she has acquired a new baby to take care of and I cannot wait to officially meet her. From the pictures my mom has emailed me, I can tell that she is gorgeous, and mom says she is an all around great baby. I am also excited to see her older brother, a little boy my mom has babysat since birth. He's 2 and talks up a storm since I last left roughly 2 months ago. Also a little girl she used to watch who is almost 4 has come back again and is so grown up. These children are like little siblings or cousins to me and I absolutely adore them and can't wait to see them.

Second, I miss my little sister like CRAZY. I am telling you this little girl has me wrapped around her finger to the extreme. Did I mention that when I got her Valentine in the mail I cried? Yeah, she's that precious.

...yes she has me so wrapped around her 7 year old fingers that I bought her that shirt, and many others... in short, I spoil her rotten and I love it!

Third, the rest of my family! I miss them all in amazingly large quantities it's impossible to describe. My younger brothers are growing by the day, and at 11 and 14 aren't my "little" brothers anymore. It kills me to not see them everyday. The crazy thing is that when I do see them everyday we are always at each others throats, but in the end we love each other so much it doesn't even matter. And don't get me started on how much I miss my parents. My dad... oh my dad. Words can't describe how much I want to hug him right now. It's ridiculous.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly are my friends from home. I am currently planning a trip to see Alice In Wonderland with them while I'm home. YAY! :0) I can't help but feel that I haven't been there enough for them, but they understand, and that's maybe one of the most important reasons why I love them! I am soooo ready to see their beautiful faces! :)

I'll hopefully document if and when I make it to Friday!


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