Thursday, March 11, 2010


How did I come up with my "Blog Name?"

Well, it's really not all that long of a story. But I want to put it on here. It's important to me.

August 30th 2009, I moved into one of the Freshman dorms on my campus with a person I had never met besides over, too many clothes, and not enough space.

My move in day (and a super messy way of unpacking)

My dad and I on move in day.

My bed the day after, when I had finally finished unpacking everything!
(Trust me, the room looks much different now...)

Not long after my parents left me in my barely unpacked, stuffy, cramped, chock-full-o-clothes dorm room, I began to cry. I was lucky my roommate was out of the room with her parents sending them home at the time, but boy did I cry. I had never been away from my parents for more than 2 weeks. I didn't know what I was going to do. I cried a lot those first few weeks of school. But about 24 hours after I arrived in that stuffy 98 degree dorm room for the first time, I received this email from my dad, entitled "To 'COLLEGE GIRL' " (for the record, my dad and I are extremely close, and this email might reflect that! =P also my email is something like guitar chick, so that's what he's referring to with that.)

Hey "COLLEGE GIRL"!!! Mainly just checking in and saying I LOVE YOU!
Seems like yesterday you were a little annoyed with us, and at the same
time didn't really want us to leave. Actually, I wanted to stay a bit
longer but was feeling poorly and needed to get going. You needed to step
out on your own anyway, and break the proverbial ice. Hey, really nice
residential campus. We didn't get the chance to see it on our prior visit.
I was impressed. Nice Quad, food court, sports area, etc.,etc.,etc.. Let
us know if you need anything, and we'll do our best. You need to change
your "HANDLE" to something more like ""! I mean
you really don't play the guitar do you. Wouldn't you rather be a girl
than a chick? And your roots are at 828 !
Anyway, Be smart, be careful.

All my Love, Pops

I cried in the coffee shop at school.
For about 5 minutes.
Then I realized that I was crying in the coffee shop.
And the tears ended.
And I blushed.

But I realized that although I wasn't willing to change my email again, I could use that "handle" for something different. Something a little more permanent, because when I started blogging I began to have the feeling that it was something I was going to be doing for much more than just a couple of years. I plan on doing this for a while. I plan on this being something that I can look back on long after I'm married and see what I was going through or up to at college. I'm planning on being able to remember through this blog. And if someone else reads it along the way, that's cool with me. And I'm planning on doing another post about what inspires me to blog and why I write about what I do write about, so look forward to that.

I hope that whoever reads this enjoyed the story!


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