Thursday, April 29, 2010

And a Bieber Fever video? I think yes...

Song: Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

Stream of Conciousness... Justin Bieber Style

Justin Bieber is adorable. In that I just wanna be your best friend and give you hugs all the time and just stare at you, warm fuzzy kinda way. His voice is like chocolate. He has "mad swag" for a 16 year old Canuck. He is adorable in the way he treats the people around him. He's all smiley and giggly and goofy. He's thankful for where he is, and to his fans for helping him get there. He's the nice kid from down the street. He's the kinda kid I'd like to have as a little brother or best friend. And I'm obsessed. His music makes it impossible to make you upset. Just like Owl City, you can only smile. And I think I might sorta be in love with him. There you go. I said it. I admitted it. And now enjoy the crazy amount of pictures I found of him on the web... (I didn't look at pics of him for over 2 hours last weekend, nope, NOT ME!)

He was the musical guest on SNL about 2-3 weeks ago and boy can he act!

He looks adorable in geek-chic glasses!

His hair is just... I can't even describe it!

I soooo stole this wallpaper from

And this one.

He rocks plaid, so do I. Meant to be?

He accessorizes in a way that very few men can get away with... and looks great doing so.

Here's the swag I was talking about. Matching your kicks to your shirt? Dude, you're awesome.

He wears the crap outta the color purple. Seriously...

It's his color. He looks adorable! I want him to be my bestie! =]

Do you too have Bieber Fever? Are you a Belieber? My roommate's not, but I am!


Friday, April 23, 2010

What on Earth...

Could I possibly be trying to tell you with this picture?

Stay Tuned to find out! =]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


And boy, did it take me forever to get around to it.

But tonight, I got done with my homework for my Education Class early! So here the post FINALLY is!

These are the two friends I went with, this is before we were allowed to go into the club. We were talking to a lot of the fans who were there, and we even met a girl who drove all the way to Boston from Georgia, and only decided that she was going to 24 hours before the party!

This is me and my friend, and the girl behind us in the white and black shirt is the one who drove from Georgia.

These are our hands! Mine is the one with the colorful bracelet! =) We had black X's on our hands to signify that we were under 21 years old and we were not allowed to hold, accept, or buy any drinks (not that we would...)

This is the comedian Bob Marley! He is very very funny! And we had a short chat with him about where we were from and how we were such fans! He really was a great guy, and they all were for taking the time to talk to and socialize with their fans!

This is me and my friend and Bob Marley.

Lucky for us, we were hanging out right outside of the green room and caught a bunch of glimpses of the stars and everyone! This was when Norman Reedus was chatting with one of the bouncers outside the green room, and we happened to be standing right there!

Signing autographs!

Posing for pictures with my friend! =)

This is the Writer/Director Troy Duffy making a speech about what the night was about and what was on the schedule. Then we all said the McManus Family Prayer together! Which was an amazing experience for all of the fans to have together with the director and cast!

This is the lead guitarist for The Dirges, one of the bands that played that night. He was truly talented. And it was some good 'Ole Irish Rock! He did lap guitar and led most of the songs. I was literally inches away from him! This is without using zoom or anything like that!

So there we have it. A pretty thorough show of what went on that night through images! Hope you all enjoyed and maybe there will be more to come some night!

'Til Later!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have neglected you again, dear blog (dear readers?). I am sorry. Life is crazy. It has drawn me into many a thing, keeping me away from you just another day... :-(

Here's a teaser from St. Patty's... One month later. So sad :-(

Soon, I promise, SOON!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I may be neglecting to post and add the pictures I promised...

But I found this quote on my cousin's facebook status and thought it was appropriate for some things I have been going through recently. Enjoy! I'll try to be back soon! (Not making any promises.)

"Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, we would walk side by side through life; but when I needed you most, I saw only one set of footprints in the sand. The Lord replied, "I love you and would never leave you during your time of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints it was then that I carried you."