Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stream of Conciousness... Justin Bieber Style

Justin Bieber is adorable. In that I just wanna be your best friend and give you hugs all the time and just stare at you, warm fuzzy kinda way. His voice is like chocolate. He has "mad swag" for a 16 year old Canuck. He is adorable in the way he treats the people around him. He's all smiley and giggly and goofy. He's thankful for where he is, and to his fans for helping him get there. He's the nice kid from down the street. He's the kinda kid I'd like to have as a little brother or best friend. And I'm obsessed. His music makes it impossible to make you upset. Just like Owl City, you can only smile. And I think I might sorta be in love with him. There you go. I said it. I admitted it. And now enjoy the crazy amount of pictures I found of him on the web... (I didn't look at pics of him for over 2 hours last weekend, nope, NOT ME!)

He was the musical guest on SNL about 2-3 weeks ago and boy can he act!

He looks adorable in geek-chic glasses!

His hair is just... I can't even describe it!

I soooo stole this wallpaper from

And this one.

He rocks plaid, so do I. Meant to be?

He accessorizes in a way that very few men can get away with... and looks great doing so.

Here's the swag I was talking about. Matching your kicks to your shirt? Dude, you're awesome.

He wears the crap outta the color purple. Seriously...

It's his color. He looks adorable! I want him to be my bestie! =]

Do you too have Bieber Fever? Are you a Belieber? My roommate's not, but I am!


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