Monday, May 3, 2010


Is very muggy. It is a very unusually hot 82 degree day for May 3rd. Today in the nasty muggy weather, we walked to Whole Foods and bought a cake. A very yummy looking strawberry shortcake. It was also the final day of classes here. Finals begin Wednesday and I have finals on Thursday and Saturday, and I'm moving home on Sunday. Yesterday was my dear friend B's birthday! Today we are going out as a group to dinner to celebrate the fact that we made it this far! After we're having our yummy cake to celebrate the summer birthdays and B's birthday (5/2) and playing cards! And I have sooooo much to do. A 8-10 page research paper due Friday and a Spanish and Psychology exam coming up. But I can do it. Oh and there's this whole water ban thingy going on... Not cool. We are under a boil water order since Saturday night until further notice. If you are personally interested in the details visit the MWRA's website. I'm gonna go do some reading for my paper and then take a shower whilst listening to JBeebs, and trying not to get water in my mouth.


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