Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid-week Music

I am in the process of renewing myself, and more importantly, this blog. For me, I am inventing a whole new (outward) me. I am renewing my style and the pieces in my closet. I am striving to gain a more mature look. For the blog, I am trying to give myself a better reason to blog every day. I'm also trying to make it more fun, colorful, and you'll notice that I've changed up my signature a bit! So for Mondays (which I realize is NOT today) I am creating "Musical Monday" where I will share some of my current favorite songs. I will share either 2 or 4 songs (because everything with me has to be an even number) and I'm starting today, because, well, why not! Here we go.......

First up: Dynamite by Taio Cruz. I adore this song! It's so fun and energetic! PERFECT summer song!

Second: Somebody to Love Remix Featuring Usher by Justin Bieber. Honestly, you didn't think there WASN'T going to be a JB song in here did you?

Third: Ours by The Bravery. Not only is this one on the Eclipse soundtrack, but I hear it everytime I clean a theater at work after the Eclipse showings are over. LOVE IT!

Fourth and Last: Tennis Elbow by Sky Sailing. This one is created by Adam Young, the mastermind behind Owl City! And in the spirit of Owl City it has the same eclectic lyrics that just make you go all warm & fuzzy inside. Sky Sailing is more acoustic guitar based as opposed to the techno type sounds of Owl City. But more to come on our dear Owl City and Sky Sailing later!

I hope whoever reads/listens to this post enjoys these four songs as much as I do!

Until Later!

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