Monday, August 9, 2010

15 days until I have to leave...

and it's going by way too fast! But this weekend was a good one. Friday was pretty good. A and I went shopping at an outlet mall in Carlsbad. Although I didn't buy anything, I did get to meet A's friend, and have some fun. Then we went out to Ross, Target, and Tilly's and I FINALLY found a piece of clothing that I've been looking for forever. And you will see it in the next Fashionable Friday. Saturday we went to A's friend's house for a 3 year old's birthday party. Fun! And GORGEOUS! They live in La Jolla, up on a hill that when you drive back down, you can see the entire shore line and it was absolutely breathtaking. We're going to go back to take some photos soon. I promise.
After the party on Saturday I went to work. And as you saw from yesterday's post, it was quite a fun and interesting night. Yesterday was boring as I went to work prepared for an 8 hour shift, and got let off after 3 hours. Then E and I went to In N Out Burger for the first time. YUM YUM YUM.

Today E is taking the ASVAB and swearing in as a Poolee in the United States Marine Corps. Good Luck E!
A is off taking a placement test for Community College. When she gets back, we're going to go see Step Up 3D! =]

A Musical Monday will be coming. I PROMISE!

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