Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boys, boys, boys...

"we love them, we love them!"

And doesn't Lady Gaga speak the truth? I've been having a lot of dreams and thoughts about boys lately. Which is odd. But sort of not. And if you knew me irl you would know that I have never been kissed and never had a boyfriend. And I'm not ashamed. To me, it just means that I'm waiting until the right person comes along to share those moments and "first" experiences with. (The kiss & boyfriend thing...) I am a very sentimental person, so that all means a lot to me.

But, I think about boys a lot. (To be honest, who doesn't?) There are plenty of attractive young men out here, and I have to say that I work with quite a few attractive, sweet, friendly young men as well. I think that going to a women's college has made me forget how much I love to have guy friends, and working out here is renewing my love of having friends of the opposite gender. Which in turn (I believe) makes me think about boys more now.

I'm a romantic. I like to think that there will be someone out there who will treat me like a princess someday and that I might get to know what real love feels like. I think that's part of the reason that I love the Twilight Saga so much because in addition to all the craziness of vampires and werewolves, Bella has found a real love. Someone who will be with her forever (literally) and someone who truly appreciates her for who she is and not for any other reason. She discovers real happiness and real love through one person. The romantic in me longs for that.

I feel like this post is going no where, other than being one of my "Confessions" that this blog is supposed to be all about. I guess my confession is that I would love to be married and have kids right now. LOL You may (or may not...) think I'm crazy. And that's not to say that I don't want to be in college working towards an amazing career, or that I don't enjoy being single and just having friends. That's not what I'm trying to say at all. What I'm trying to say is that pretty much since the day I was born I have wanted to be a housewife and a stay at home mom. Obviously there are not many people who do that straight out of high school, (which would be where this comes in I suppose...) but I am so anxious for that part of my life to happen. I would LOVE nothing more. I get huge amounts of satisfaction out of making other people happy and doing things for them, so taking care of a house, a husband and kids would be my forte.

Anyway, I guess I've just been thinking a lot about boys lately and that's what comes to my mind. Maybe this was more of a ranting post than anything else. Hopefully it made a bit of sense to you, but maybe it didn't. If you want to share anything in the comments, feel free! I would love it! What are your experiences with wanting kids someday, and anything else this post might make you think of?


  1. I love this post!!!
    And I think I'm really going to love this blog!
    I wanna follow you, but I can't find your button :( But...I did add you to my bookmarks so I'll be back every day. Just you wait ;)

  2. Aww thanks! I'm just getting my first group of readers through your community, so this is my first real taste of sharing my blog. I'm not even sure where my follow button is on here, but I'll figure it out! Maybe next time you come back you'll be able to find it =)