Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Every night is disaster night when you work at Regal!"

and how true is that?

Well, I suppose unless you work at Regal, you wouldn't know... would you then?

But I work at Regal. Regal Entertainment Group that is. You know, those giant nation-wide movie theaters that charge you $4.75 for a small soda and $6.00 for a small popcorn? Yes, that very same one.

And last night was interesting! I had a 4 PM- 12 PM concessions shift, which was painful. Painfully slow that is. And awfully interesting.

To start the night, the popper closest to me was broken. =( Which meant that I had to run to the center popper whenever someone ordered a popcorn (and since this is the movies we're talking about, that was pretty much every transaction.) Although, finally... the popper did get fixed. And we started using it. Well after it was originally needed.

The second part that made it disaster night was that Javier, my manager asked me to do restroom checks. Yes, I went to all 4 ladies rooms in the theater only to find that they looked pristine and whoever had complained about "tons of missing toilet paper" really only saw one roll that needed to be replaced. And generally restroom checks are the ushers' responsibility. So why I was asked, I have no idea. Oh well.

I was really sleepy last night. Really sleepy. So Jeremy (another manager) said to me....

"You look like you're going to fall over. Too bad I'm not back there to catch you.... hahahahahaha." (that was an evil laugh)

Another one of my managers, Jullian, kept giving me a hard time. And I was sleepy (as aforementioned) and grumpy. Memorable quotes from that conversation:

Me - "Jullian, you're going to make me cry again..."
Jullian - "Wait, you already cried? I wanted to catch that on camera."
Me - "Well, I'll have you know... I look super cute when I cry."
Jullian - "I'm going to be corny... you always look cute!"
Me - "Oh! GOOD ONE!" (notice the sarcasm.)
Me (thinking to myself) - "Flattery won't get you anywhere with me Jullian."

Then, YAY for 35 minute breaks! But I shouldn't have eaten so much, I was even more sleepy.

Coming back from my break, Sidney was giving me a hard time, and George heard (okay so I know it sounds like the only people I talk to are guys, but I think I was literally one of the only girls besides two others, which we will get to later... so in my defense, they scheduled mostly guys. & my register was surrounded by the guys.)

George - "Sidney likes to give white girls a hard time. Last week it was Whitney... I guess he's moving on to you tonight."

Me - "He can keep it up. Guarantee he won't like the results..."

I walk away from the popper and proceed to lose my grip on a small popcorn and accidentally throw it at Toby, onto his counter, and his customer. So much for talking smack about Sidney, when I can't even manage to carry 64 oz of popcorn 10 feet.

Last but not least... Laura is cleaning the Freeze Frame Machine while I am picking up mats to clean around closing time. She proceeds to pour melted Cherry Freeze Frame all over the floor and all of my mats fall off the cart we put them away on. Laura walks away to put the tray in the sink and get cleaning supplies while I begin to pick up the mats that have fallen. Our shift lead Nikki comes over and I say...

"WOW, tonight is like disaster night."

and thus the most memorable quote of the night from Nikki:

"Every night is disaster night when you work at Regal."

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