Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashionable (Or not so fashionable) Friday!

So this "Fashionable Friday" I'm talking about a combo of two things I love that create something I absolutely HATE. (And I rarely use that word.)

The things I LOVE:

My shorts.

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Summer would be unbearable without them.

My UGG boots.

Winter & Fall would be pretty much unbearable without them.

And everyone knows that summer is a time where shorts are a necessity. And UGG boots are in style and pretty much has them. They are uber comfy and warm. And I will openly admit to having two pairs that are staples in my fall and winter wardrobe.

BUT... I'm seeing a trend out here in SoCal. One that I despise. Shorts (sometimes I'm not even sure if they should qualify as shorts, there's so little fabric...) and UGG boots. Tall ones, short ones.... It is SUMMER. Time to put the UGG boots away. YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS!

See what I mean???

It would irritate me if someone wore a winter jacket in the summer, UGG boots are essentially the same thing. A winter jacket for your feet. So why would anyone wear them in the summer? I put mine away once the snow begins to melt. (Which in New England is usually sometime around mid-March, early April.) Not only do I not want my nearly 200 dollar boots to get dirty and ruined, but my feet sweat like crazy. And don't get me wrong, I completely understand leaving the gym in your shorts with your gym shoes in a gym bag and your comfy UGG's on your feet. I don't begrudge anyone that, because I do it too. But people out here walk around like it's a fashion statement! I don't get it.

Do you?? Feel free to leave your thoughts, and agree or disagree (I am one who loves to hear other's opinions) in the comments!

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