Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm back!

Or at least my computer is... sort of. She just kinda started up for me yesterday. I was hoping to repair my computer, but it just started right up saying that it had recovered from a crash or something. I'm definitely taking it to the shop when I get home.

So here are a few things... not very important, but here they are nonetheless...

Yesterday I went to my beloved Wal Mart with my sister in law. And bought a ton of unnecessary things... as I often do. I was under the impression that I needed a curling iron. Because I do not have one that functions well. I do have a 1/2 " and a 2" that don't work well... so I bought a 1" quite similar to one that A has. $12.97. What a bargain. I also bought myself some new bobby pins for $0.98. Another bargain. I bought 2 tail combs to use with my curling iron for $2.66. Another bargain. I bought myself new headphones, even though I have 3 pairs. I have skullcandy earbuds & the collapsible ones, as well as some silver Maxell earbuds. But I still listen to my iPod while sleeping and because of that my Maxell's are crapping out. One side doesn't work. So I bought my favorite go to earbuds. Gumy by JVC in Peach Pink. $9.00. (Price went down since last I bought them!) I also bought a book for the plane ride. "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella" by Stephenie Meyer. $9.64. Better than anywhere else I have seen it ($16 and up at Barnes and Noble!) I also bought some gum for myself for the plane ride (price not needed) and some Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray for $3.84. I think this will be worth the investment because I have damaged my hair so much using heat tools. Hopefully this protects my lovely locks a bit.

Then we went to base, where I bought my favorite eyeshadow for $1.50 less than normal and no sales tax! I love Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in Bronze Ambition to bring out the blue in my eyes. Bargain again! I also invested in a new hairbrush. That was basically a desperate need.

I have made some other bargainy purchases this week as well, and I'm planning a new post for that too. I have 2 more posts coming up. One about something really awesome, that I'm super passionate about, and the other about something fun I tried last night!

Stay tuned!

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