Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Neglected :-(

My blog is very much neglected. And I'm mad at myself for it! I promised!!!!! haha

Welllll lots to blog about, but not much time as I'm getting ready to go to the gym! I think. If A doesn't flake, which I hope she doesn't. Cuz I've been looking forward to this for 2 days now. (my life is sad =P)

This past week we celebrated E's 21st Birthday, Saw Inception, Saw Despicable Me, Went to a friend of A's house for dinner, went to Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Westwood, and 3rd street in Santa Monica (all 5 of those places are in Los Angeles) and had SUBWAY! =] I loooooove subway =]. (oh how the simple things seem to excite me...)

I bought my plane tickets back to New England *tears* I don't wanna leaveeeee!!! Oh well, I have to go back to school at some point! And I'm am looking forward to seeing my friends again! A friendless summer it has been... to a point. No hanging with my girls, like normal, but obviously I didn't think that this would be a normal summer. I'm living in SoCal baby! =]

That's all for now. Pictures and a Thirsty Tuesday to come tomorrow... we can hope anyway =P


  1. How was E's birthday? Kaiya want's to know!

  2. E's birthday was good. Good and boring. And yummy. And mind boggling. Shopping, yummy pretzels, Yummy dinner & cake, Mind boggling inception. Loved it!