Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes, I am

doing another Musical Monday post. It seems to be the only theme post I can keep up with lately!

Last night at work, JC reminded me how much I love the Eclipse Soundtrack (and did a pretty good cover of our first Musical Monday song this week.) Which was odd, because most of the guys at work hate the songs and make fun of them when we clean theater 3 which holds my dear Twilight Saga for the time being (yes, almost 2 months later, we are still selling tons of tickets for this movie.) So first up, we have Florence and The Machine with the song "Heavy in Your Arms."

And in all seriousness, I told JC that he should do a cover of this song on YouTube. That's how good it was... I'm gonna miss JC!

Next up was another one that JC and I agreed was a pretty good, catchy one. I personally like the whistling in the beginning, but before recently I wasn't a fan... so here we go. It's Cee Lo Green with "What Part of Forever"

I told you the whistling was catchy! I love the instrumental sounds in the background. I don't know why I ever disliked this song!

Continuing with my Eclipse themed post, my first musical post had "Ours" by the Bravery, so I don't want to repeat it by having it in here twice, so I'm going with something different. The next one is one I instantly liked as soon as I heard it in the film. I like how some of it sounds like it could be from the 80's but you know that it's an Alternative/Indie Rock song. I love when music sounds like it's two or more genres merged into one amazing song. So we have Beck and Bat For Lashes with "Let's Get Lost."

I love it. It makes me smile & makes my mind go to other places =].

Last (because of course this has to be an even numbered thing... if you know me...) is one last one from Eclipse. This one is fun, makes me smile... I like the vibe it gives off. Upbeat, yet tells a story. You know, all of the things that make it quintessentially perfect for the Twilight Saga. Here is Fanfarlo with "Atlas."

Don't you lie to me... I know you love them. ;-)

Now I'm off to grab some Subway & take it to the beach for a picnic with my lovely siblings. I'm sure there will be more pictures to come with that! =]

Peace, ♥ , and happiness!


  1. Heavy in your arms=current fav song off the soundtrack, granted its awesome all around! And Florence+The Machine is amazing. I'm totally obsessing over them, I have the entire album!
    0xoxox Hippy

  2. Oh you would! I looooove Heavy In Your Arms! Basically if I could have posted the whole soundtrack I would have! Listening party when you come visit? Sweet. Thanks! xoxoxo