Monday, November 22, 2010


I wanna go home. Like tonight. While my roommates K + C pack to head home tomorrow morning and afternoon respectively, I sit here doing work and dreading the fact that I can't leave until Wednesday morning, because I work tomorrow night. What's more is that my bus leaves at 8 AM which means that to be cautious and ensure a seat on the bus I need to leave my dorm at 5:30 AM. Yay... Getting up on time is not my strong suit. I am excited to go home though, I will admit, I just wish I could be on the 6 PM bus tomorrow.... =(

Confession of a College Student: Sometimes all you really want is to go home when everyone else can. Sometimes that can't happen. Sometimes you just have to live with what is and what will be and accept what comes. Other times you need to change your circumstances for the better. More often than not you just need to be a grown up and face reality. That's where I'm at.

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

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