Saturday, November 27, 2010

There's A Very Real Possibility...

That people don't know what they're talking about more often than not. Like a certain one of my friends who made a promise to herself and God that she really didn't intend to keep... which made it all seem like a huge joke. And then getting involved with a kid who was on his way to boot camp, and was supposed to go (according to her) like 2.5 months ago, but still hasn't left. Sorry, but the Marine Corps doesn't work that way... it just doesn't. She seems to think that she knows everything about the Marines when in actuality she knows nothing. It's stupid because she's been exposed to the life of a poolee (what recruits are referred to before they go to boot camp) for three months and she thinks she knows it all. For me, I've been in the life of a real, full blown Marine (no wait, multiple Marines, at least a dozen or more...) for upwards of 6 years and I still know that I don't know jack when it comes to the United States Marine Corps. She also calls herself a "Marine's Girl" when in fact, he will not be a Marine until the day he walks across the parade deck in his dress blues, which won't be until 3 months after he actually leaves for boot camp. As if that's not enough to make someone like me mad, she goes on. Next, she takes a photo from my sister in law's facebook page and uses it on her blog to say:

A) That my brother is her family friend.

B) That he was deployed for 6 months.

C) That she was very emotional about their reunion.

All of those things are huge lies. Firstly, she's never met him, in fact I find it odd that since he's her "family friend" she's not his facebook friend, but instead is his wife's facebook friend. Second, he was deployed for 3.5 months, not six. Third, she didn't even know he was gone until a couple of weeks after he got back because she never talks to me, therefore she couldn't have been emotional when he got back.

I'm not sure why it's upsetting me so much, but I needed to vent.

I just don't get people these days. You can't win. People are going to be stupid.

Confession of a College Student: Sometimes you're going to be super super super annoyed with your "friends" and their know it all attitudes. You have to cope. I'm learning to. I don't know why I'm letting it bother me, but I'm learning to let go. People are stupid. I am smarter than her in this sense. I just have to let her be stupid.

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

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  1. Oh how I can so relate to this!!!
    I have a certain friend in particular who always amazes me with her moments of "stupidity!" So frustrating.