Thursday, November 4, 2010

Morning Glory: A Movie Review

I went to see a movie for free tonight. I'd like to give you a review, so please, read on...

Let me start by saying first of all that there may be quite a few digressions in this post. Secondly by saying that I have wanted to see this movie since I very first saw the preview at work this summer... Morning Glory. Starring none other than the legendary Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, but also my favorite actress of all time (besides Amanda Seyfried) Rachel McAdams. I knew that this film was going to be great simply because she was in it, but the other actors were reason enough if one does not believe that Rachel is that great. Before I go any further, watch the trailer! (And notice the song at the end! ♥ )

So tonight, I was given an opportunity to see this film I'd been craving since July with a friend at a special screening in Harvard Square. As big of a fan of Rachel McAdams as I am, I knew I would love it, but I was surprised to see it had a substantial amount of substance. (Does that make sense?)

Essentially, Becky Fuller (McAdams) works at a small New Jersey morning television show, and just as everyone she works with thinks she is about to be promoted, she gets fired due to restructuring. She searches frantically for employment and finally gets hired at a failing morning show in NYC "DayBreak." The rest of the film follows her insanely courageous and hilarious journey to making the show better and getting the ratings up.

Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton were hilarious together, the "romantic interest for Becky was delicious and even some of the lesser cast members kept me laughing. It was the cutest, most genuine movie I've seen in a very long time, and I was either laughing or smiling the whole time. I had no complaints other than delicious man (Patrick Wilson) did not get enough screen time. It was a funny movie that promoted the sense of family you get when you watch morning programs.

Well I'm trying to get this posted before midnight so I have officially blogged every day this month so I will end it here, any questions, let me know in the comments!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness!

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