Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome to Musical Monday!

Errrr, Tuesday... But you know what, I'm still awake at 12:55 AM on Tuesday Nov. 2nd and I think that ya'll can bear with me for a little while while I pretend it's still Monday. K? Thanks.

So as I promised yesterday, I have a special Musical Monday for you this week. Not only is it my first in over a month. (WELL over a month!) BUT there is a special message hidden in here! Or maybe hidden isn't the right word. I will be sharing a bit of news AFTER I share this week's theme for musical love...

...you guessed it!


Hate all you want, but this is my blog, my thought space, my story, and Justin Bieber happens to be a part of it! So come one, come all... ENJOY!

First up is the most recent music video, USmile. My dad makes fun of this song, so every time I listen to it, I think of him =)

Next! The one I love the most... Love Me. A video he created for the fans! =)

Next up we have Somebody to Love, a remix with Usher and a song I really want to choreograph a number to!

We're going further and doing the song from "The Karate Kid" Never Say Never Featuring Jaden Smith! I love how inspired I get when I listen to this song!

Finishing up the lesser-knowns is a personal favorite, such a cute one, Never Let You Go. This is how I want a guy to feel about me! =)

And rounding out the videos with an even number and a crowd favorite, the song that made me fall in love and gave me the Bieber Fever... Baby!

So why the JB theme? Well... I recently found out a really good friend of mine is coming to visit me November 15th. I also found out that her parents are buying us tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert at the TD Banknorth Garden on November 16th! This was her surprise Christmas gift! And I am ecstatic. Especially since I haven't seen her since May and we were supposed to see each other over the summer... so YAY!

That is all for this Monday, I mean... Tuesday...

Have a blessed night/morning! And get all your homework done! Unlike me...

Peace, ♥ , and happiness!

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