Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome To My World. (On a Musical Monday)

"What's up Boston? Welcome to My World. We're gonna have a lot of fun tonight! I'm not gonna lie to you, 'cuz I never lie to my fans... I ate spaghetti before I performed, and I have a really big cramp, so I'm just gonna take a little break. You guys ever, uh, well you know I'm a regular person and I get cramps just like everybody else so..."

This is how it started. And it was a great beginning!

Well... I guess you could say that's stretching the truth a bit. Before Justin took the stage, three other acts performed. Burnham, Jasmine V (who is gorgeous and can sing!!!!) , and Sean Kingston. All were pretty awesome! And let's not minimize the reason we went in the first place...

And he was amazing.

We had floor seats, row 13, really really close to the stage. So close we could make out his face perfectly from our seats, (I'm nearsighted and didn't even need my glasses to see him clearly!) =)

He opened with Love Me, Bigger, U Smile, Runaway Love, Never Let You Go, Favorite Girl, and then One Less Lonely Girl and brought a girl up on stage who was literally in tears. He grabbed her face and mouthed, "Don't cry!" It was adorable.

During a costume change they played a video of a young Justin, Justin through the years, and played "Stuck in the Moment" through the video, it was so cute!

After the costume change it was Somebody to Love, showed us his Never Say Never Trailer, Never Say Never, then he got in a "hot air ballooon" and sang Up, That Should Be Me, danced for us a little bit, played the drums, and went backstage for another costume change while his background singers sang for us. Then he came back and sang One Time, Eenie Meenie with Sean Kingston, Down to Earth, and tried to trick us into thinking that the show was over. He even left the stage!

When he came back, he did the dougie, talked a little bit, tried to figure out what song we wanted to hear, he started Somebody to Love again, but eventually realized he hadn't done Baby! lol. One of his dancers was wearing a Celtics jersey because we were in the sacred TD Garden the place the Celtics call home, and he was from Boston originally. Justin even conceded that even though he's a Lakers fan, he respects the Celtics as a team. And that was about it. Minus the fact that we got lied to a couple times by people telling us he was going to greet fans after and we stood in the cold and rain to wait. But we did meet Burnham, even though we had no idea who they were... so all in all, an amazing night.

Enjoy the pics and video below and if you want to see more from the concert, click here to see more video!

Someone's excited!


"Favorite Girl"

Lookin' our Bieber-est without lookin' like guys!

Although it's super blurry I had to post this one because it's the only pic I can credit to my skills. My camera does not have the capacity to snap a good photo while I jump, like Brett's. Also, this was my favorite of his dance moves!
"Runaway Love"

Happy Musical Monday, hope you enjoyed, if indeed you made it to the end!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)


  1. AH you made me so excited for my one coming up!!! I have awesome floor seats so I hope they were as awesome as yours! I am glad you had such a good time!

  2. Glad to hear that my post made you excited!!! I loved the seats (even though we stood the whole time) they were soooo expensive though!!! Hope to hear about yours once you go!