Friday, December 31, 2010

7 Things to Finish Off 2010...

So Hannah over at The Key To Me tagged me in her 7 things post over 2 weeks ago, and me being lazy and such, just realized I was tagged about 10 minutes ago. I was actually shocked but I'm excited! This whole having readers thing is still pretty new to me! =)

And here we go, 7 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me:

1. I am a hip hop dancer. I started dancing my senior spring of high school and it's been all I think about when I listen to music ever since. One day I aspire to really take it seriously and join a crew or team out in SoCal where they take it seriously and have some really unique flair, like this team from the University of California: Irvine!

2. I have a strange obsession with Staples and school supplies. I have more notebooks and pens than I will ever use, but I like them too much. I also have too many colored paper & binder clips, pretty erasers, interesting and unique mechanical pencils, and other random school supplies!

(Courtesy Google Images)

3. I procrastinate way too much. This never used to be a problem until this year and I'm not sure why. I have gotten into the habit of being lazy and watching Weeds instead of doing homework... but who could resist this face?

(Again, Courtesy Google Images)

4. I watch way too much TV (or rather, online TV.) Some of my favorite shows are the following: Desperate Housewives, Make It or Break It, Weeds, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Community, and Glee (just to name a very small few.) The Office has been my favorite lately!

(Courtesy Google Images ... I bet you can guess the pattern.)

5. I bite my nails. It's my New Year's resolution to stop so I can have beautiful nails once again. There's a funny story behind this one. My sophomore year in high school I got acrylic nails with my best friend at the time. A couple weeks later it was Halloween and we were "dark fairies" so we had to take the nails off to paint them for our costumes. She had bitten her nails for 10 years prior to the nail painting, I had never bitten mine before. Next thing you know, she's done biting hers and all I can do is bite mine. =/ I want to have nails like this by 2012:


(Courtesy weheartit , which is a change... huh? I'm also very sarcastic.)

Or at least this length. Even though the polish is adorable. I love nail polish too.

6. I love Hello Kitty, and Asian food, boys, and fashion. Sometimes I think I should be Asian, even though I'm all white meat. 75% Irish, 25% mixed European, but I think I should be Asian. =) Or some other ethnicity considering my curves. =)


(Again courtesy to weheartit)

7. Last, but not least.... I am addicted to beauty vloggers on Youtube, specifically Michelle Phan and Elle & Blair Fowler. The other night I watched 2 straight hours of Michelle Phan's videos. I have a few favorites that I can and will recommend, and I'll put one in here at the end of this. I really like Blair's Braided Top Knot Tutorial , Elle's Beachy Summer Waves Tutorial , Elle's "Bangs in My Face" Tutorial , Michelle's Airplane Make-up Tips , and Michelle's Natural Beauty Tutorial. Some I've tried, some I have yet to but plan on it. I really enjoy make-up and hair and playing around with it to try out different looks, even if I never leave the house or dorm with it on. I'll be sure to share more of it in the future! And here's my absolute favorite one that I did try of Michelle's.

The last part is to tag 7 people, but I don't really have 7 people to tag! So if you want to do it, link over to your blog in the comments or leave it in a comment here! I'd love to read it! And I hope you liked mine! Happy New Year!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness in looking toward 2011! =)


  1. Yay!! :)

    And I LOVE Weeds. I spent the first day of my break getting caught up on season 6!

  2. Yay! Another Weeds lover! =) I don't know where Season 7 is going to go now... Season 6 left at such a weird point, but I'm excited anyway! =)