Thursday, December 16, 2010


I got home around 9:00 PM last night. I found out I'll be working over break, which will help me earn the money to go back to San Diego for spring break! =) And possibly out to Missouri and Baltimore to see some friends that it has been way too long since I last saw. Today I am just lounging around my house with my younger brother N because my mom is at work even though she was supposed to be home about a half hour ago. Tonight R has a basketball game and then we are going to come home to decorate the Christmas tree! Yay! I love this time of year, although not like summer, which I honestly can't wait for because, you guessed it! I AM GOING BACK TO SAN DIEGO! =)

Well that's all for now because I should go get dressed and ready for my day! =) (Even though it's 12:42 PM) lol

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

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