Saturday, January 29, 2011


Is not as crazy as I may want to make it seem at the moment, but regardless I have a busy 24-28 hours ahead of me. I promise I will try to be back to regular posting soon, but I'm still getting back into the swing of things here at school. I have a few ideas for new posts, and I'm trying to get you guys some guest writers, namely my roomies. I'm going to be buried in Children's Lit homework starting NOW. So... wish me luck and sanity! hehehe

Peace, ♥ , and happiness!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Simple Things.

Sometimes it's the simple things that make me (and a lot of other people) happy.

Take yesterday for example. There was a snow storm on Wednesday night which caused my school to cancel all classes before 1 pm, which were all of my classes, so I had a snow day! Simple thing number 1.

I went to a Bagel shop and had breakfast with my friends. Simple thing number 2.

We went to CVS and got the supplies for a spa night. Simple thing number 3.

After spending my afternoon in bed just lazing around, doing some homework, and going to dinner, I went to the gym and worked out for about an hour. Simple thing number 4.

Lastly, while watching Jersey Shore (a guilty pleasure show of mine) my friends and I painted our nails and did refreshing Cucumber facial masks. Simple thing number 5.

This is what my nails turned out looking like:

The color is a very springy minty green.

It's called 85 Minted by Revlon and was only $4 at CVS! =)

What are your simple pleasures?

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I haven't gotten any comments on the post I did the other day, so I'm taking that as either no one saw it or no one liked it. Either way, it's all gravy =) I'm just gonna take it down, and let it be.

In other uninteresting news... I went to the gym both yesterday and today and feel great! This weekend has been pretty chill, mostly just hanging with my girlfriends and doing the necessary amount of work. We're all still getting used to being back here and getting our work done. There really hasn't been anything all that exciting going on. Like I said earlier this week, I'm working on a post about things that inspire me, but it's taking forever because I have so much to weed through and there's so much that inspires me. I have loads of images from weheartit and various other online sources that I need to pick through to see what will be featured. I just haven't had the time for it quite yet. I will get it done soon, I hope.

Well this was sort of just a little update post to say hi, and other random stuff like that and was really rather pointless, but I'm glad I did it. And now I'm off to shower, do laundry, and finish my homework. Happy Sunday!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From a public computer...

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been slightly MIA lately. I've been lazy. Honestly. I'm not going to tell you I've been super busy because that just isn't the case. As part of my new year's resolutions for this blog I wanted to be more honest with you all. I'm faulted. I'm lazy. I haven't blogged because I haven't felt like I had anything to blog about.

I'm currently working out an idea for an inspirations post. Things that are simple and inspire me. Be on the look out for that one. Also, I convinced my roommates to consider writing some guest posts for you all, so look forward to those too. And lastly, I'm waiting for a package of clothes I ordered online so I can do an affordable fashion video for you all. So there's plenty to look forward to, it's just a matter of when I stop being lazy and actually decide to start doing something. Which most likely won't be until after this weekend because my roommate C's friend J is coming to visit this weekend and it's my "boo" KMC's birthday weekend, so I'll be plenty busy then (and that's not a euphemism for being lazy, it really will be a busy weekend.) So, look forward to some new posts soon!

Until later,

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

In a matter of minutes...

(Less than 30 to be exact) I have created a new template & blog look for myself! Go me! I thought it was going to be so much harder than it actually was! Let me know what you think! I had a great time doing it and I personally love it! It is so much more me than the other one. =)


Delayed Posting.

Hello readers, =) it's been a while. I've been hanging out at my grandparents' house since last Saturday as we did not really get as much snow as anticipated.

Sunday we all just hung out and really didn't do much. We've been laying low for most of the week, and I've been mostly enjoying my last few days of break before it's time to go back to school. Monday my grandma and I were out and about running random errands and such. Tuesday I worked at my grandpa's office (hopefully making some money for spring break plane tickets!) from 8 AM to 6:30 PM. Yup, that's a 10 and a half hour day! Wednesday we didn't do anything at all because we were hit by a blizzard, so we stayed in and hung out here at the house. I slept til almost noon that day! Thursday we ran more errands and got haircuts, then yesterday we were out and about running errands and heading off to appointments as well as today.

Tomorrow we're all going out to breakfast =) and then I might be seeing an old friend from my childhood for lunch. Monday I head back to school. So as you can see there hasn't been anything terribly interesting going on here.

Lastly, I'm trying to do another blog make-over. I'm currently working on templates and such, you'll all have to let me know what you think when it finally goes up! =)

Until then,
Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An outfit I can't wait to purchase for Summer '10.

An outfit I can't wait to purchase for Summer '10.
An outfit I can't wait to purchase for Summer '10. by ae819 featuring silver jeans

This has that relaxed Cali Vibe that I love so much. I already have quite a few of these pieces. SD here I come!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'll be gone.

If we don't get the 6-8 inches we're supposed to have by noon tomorrow, I'll be on my way to my grandparent's house near Cape Cod until school starts back up on the 19th. I won't be posting much while I'm there (I don't think) due to working for my grandfather at his office. For now, enjoy the new music video that came out last night for Joseph Vincent who I recently blogged about here. (Sidenote: I've fallen even more in love!)

Have a wonderful weekend! =)

(I swear, it's that smile... also, end of the video... ouch! And funny! The letter A!)

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Is Why I Go To College.

I went to work at my old job here at home today (which is coincidentally at my old high school) and it was boring. Beyond boring, but not quite to death.

I guess working at the theater has spoiled me a bit because there I get to socialize both with customers and co-workers alike, while here I work alone in a large building. Also there the guess work is taken out of what to wear. I have a strict uniform I have to wear. Here I just have to wear clothes that I don't care about, which has me feeling like a bum more often than not. Sweats to work for 6 hours? Ew. I just feel gross.

Also, cleaning toilets is not exactly fun, and while I'd like to think that seeing all the students come back tomorrow while I'm cleaning their toilets in the dorms would be interesting, I'm thinking it's probably not going to be. It's going to be weird, awkward, and... you guessed it, boring.

This is why I go to college. So that I'll never have to clean toilets for a living, because believe me doll... it's awful.

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And the winner is....



Thanks to everyone who hoped, crossed fingers, and anything else! So happy!

I Don't Like to Feel Like I'm Better Than You, or Anyone else...

But sometimes it almost feels inevitable. Like I'm born to judge, born to feel superior. I hate it, but at the same time I love it. It's one of those human things. I also feel like it's more normal in women/ girls in specific.

It happens every day. I see a girl walk by and I compare myself to her. I think about all the things she lacks in comparison to me, and all the things I lack in comparison to her. More often than not, as egocentrism would have it, I win the battle, the battle in my head of course.

Whether she's skinnier, got prettier longer hair, looks more put together, is more fashionable, or taller, I always seem to find more things that she lacks than I. It's sad, annoying, and sinful. I shouldn't be doing it, but it seems to be something that happens in my subconscious.

Of course there are things that make me a better person than others, but there are also many many things that make me a worse person in comparison to a lot of others as well. I'll hit you with an example.

My brother E's "girlfriend" (if that's what you want to call her, although it's a weird confusing situation that he has not disclosed many details of...) came over to our house for a bit yesterday and as if I didn't like her enough already, yesterday made me like her even less. We went up to a basketball game for my younger brother at his elementary school and the secretary (someone my mom knows quite well as this is a small town we live in) was there. She immediately saw the girl with my brother and asked if she was his new girlfriend because as it turned out, last she knew, this 18 year old girl was dating her 24 year old nephew. Also a friend of my younger brother's warned him that his older brother broke up with her because she was cheating on him. Words were tossed around, names were mentioned. The long and short of it was, we found out who she really was, and that she'd been using my brother and his fresh out of boot camp salary to get herself an iPhone 4, some new boots, and fun out on the town.

When we got back to my house I noticed her outfit. Although I liked her jacket, which was a short length button up dressy black coat, the rest was sort of a "what were you thinking" ensemble. She was wearing brown cable knit tights with a grey pencil skirt and a white top. On top of all of that she was wearing her "new boots" bought by my brother. These boots would/could have been acceptable in the late 90s early 2000s as they were a mix of patent leather and suede with a six inch stiletto heel and numerous buckles and straps all over them. When asked how she could walk in them she said "oh it's easy" but she was doing the waddle. (No, not the pregnancy waddle...) The "I-can't-walk-in-heels waddle" and she stood with one leg crossed over the other due to her inability to balance.

I couldn't think of anything but what a terrible person she was for dragging my brother around blind while cheating on her boyfriend with him (he had no clue) making him spend hundreds of dollars on her, and coming over to my house multiple times for dinner. But it wasn't just that. I also couldn't stop judging her based on her monstrosity of an outfit. And then I stopped myself. And I re-assessed the situation. Yes. She was a terrible person for what she did to my brother and the other men in her life. No she didn't have common fashion sense. But did that mean I was in any position to judge her? No. It in no way gave me any right at all to judge her for who I thought was.

Confession of a College Student: I'm not perfect, no one is. I judge people way too much and I need to stop. Maybe it makes me feel validated, I don't know. But I need to stop. And it's something I'm working on. Wish me luck.

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

I am shamelessly in love...

with a little known YouTube sensation. But what else is new?

Lots actually, but that's beside the point...

Anyway. Back to the point. I'm shamelessly in love. And of course that can't be a dramatic overstatement because I'm not a drama queen right????? (Okay I'm having too much fun with Ctrl + b and Ctrl + i ...) But alas, I think I have fallen in love, and quite hard to be honest.

With this guy:


Oh, you wanted to see his face??


I should probably show you that, huh?


Here he is.

Mr. Joseph Vincent, or as I like to call him:




At a photoshoot at La Jolla Cove! Remember when I blogged about it here?


This is my latest most legit obsession ever: YouTube sensation Joseph Vincent. He's full-bred filipino born here in the USA. He's originally from the San Fernando Valley but he's a full-time college student at UCI.


His voice is smooth like chocolate. His eyes make me melt.


His original songs are amazing, and his covers, more often than not, (in my opinion) are better than the original versions.


He's unbelievably sexy, and I go all school-girl when I watch him on YouTube.


How could you resist?


I know I can't.

So now that I'm done oversharing pictures all of which I got here *check their page out if you like him too, they're AMAZING!* I'm going to blabber a bit and then share my 4 favorite songs of his at the moment.

I recently entered a contest on facebook for his new single. He posted a picture on his wall and told his fans that if we put it as our profile pictures and commented on the photo that we would be entered to be one of seven winners of whom six would recieve a mix tape. The seventh winner would receive a mix tape and one of the shirts that are only sold at his shows (which are few and far between and none here on the east coast!) The single drops on 1-6-11 so there is a winner being picked every day starting New Year's Day and the two final winners get picked on the day the single releases (or so I think... not entirely sure.) Annnnnyway.... pray/hope/ whatever to whatever God you believe in that I win! I want more of his music, and fast! Haha.

So here are the 4 songs I'm going to share:

First I want to start with the two covers I'm loving both done with Jason Chen (another YouTube artist/sensation who is also known as JDC Productions.)

"Hold My Hand"

"Just a Dream"

I love the beginning and very end of this video where he does the "travel back" thing with his hands. I have no clue why, but it makes me melt like crazyyyy.

Now on to his originals:

"Life of a Man"

And here is a snippet of his new single (an original song) which drops on iTunes on 1-6-11 so go get it! I heard a longer snippet when he did a BlogTV on December 23 and it was amazing it was the full on studio version and just... wow. I'm in love.

"If You Stay" -Snippet Single hits iTunes January 6th!

{Interesting fact: his tattoo says JVE (his initials) in Alibata which is an ancient Filipino language. Another fun fact is that I have a friend who is filipino (he was actually born in the Phillippines and moved to the States in middle school) and he told me there is no V in the Filipino (Alibata) alphabet!}

All of these songs (with the exception of the last one for the moment) are available on iTunes for $0.99. I encourage you to go buy them if you enjoyed what you see here. I wouldn't tell you guys to go buy something I don't support myself, but I do support him. Fully. =) If you don't want to or can't buy them then just head on over to his YouTube Channel and check him out there!

Anyway, I know this post was long, but I thought I needed to do this guy justice. I hope you all like him, and if you do please be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and/or buy his singles on iTunes!


Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

In Which I Tell You What I Was Given For Christmas and Include a Picture [Video]

Warning: Again this video came out super quiet =( Maybe I need to talk louder next time. Maybe I need a new mic. We'll see. Maybe a new thing for 2011 should be video blogs once in a while? They seem to take less time to do. Let me know what you think in the comments! FYI I hate the term "Haul" I just didn't know what else to call it and all the beauty vloggers on YouTube seem to call it a "haul". Also I'm listening to The Beatles and Dane Cook in the background. Probably shoulda shut that off... haha... whoops.

So here's the Christmas morning snapshot of what I got from my parents, brother E, Aunt & Uncle and my dearies B&A....


Did you notice the "Hello Kitty" Key Cap???? It's soooo cute!

And here's what I got from my Grandpa:


And from my grandparents combined:


On me...


I'm in love.

As you can see... I didn't get a ton. My parents spent a lot of money with their trip to San Diego at the beginning of December so, it was a lean Christmas, but I was very happy nonetheless!

Like I said in the video, hope you gave and got everything you wanted, and if not, there's always next year!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

If You're Anything Like Me....

you hate living out of a suitcase. 'Cause I do. And being that I don't really have a permanent residence (although legally it's here in New England at my parent's home) I don't have a permanent space for my things when I go home or to my "second home" in San Diego. Which, you know is totally fine except for when, I stay for a month or more. Like right now.

So I'm going to share with you how I live when I'm at home and have to live out of a suitcase, for a month. I'm also going to give you some tips on how to pack for long breaks and how to store things so that you don't have to live out of a suitcase if you lack room like I do.

Something you should know right off the bat is that I don't have a ton of clothes anyway, so pretty much everything I own is at school. Bringing home clothes for a month is tricky, so I try to stick to minimal basics with one dressy/fashionable/ fancy outfit. Also, as it is winter and pretty chilly I brought about 4-5 scarves because they can totally change an outfit, they're small, easy to pack, and are weather appropriate! =)

To start I'm going to show you my suitcase and the size it is so you can have a frame of reference for how big of a suitcase I travel home with.


So you can see that it's not a huge suitcase but it is large. It has those 360 wheels on the bottom though so it's easy to roll without having to tip it over! =)

My problem is that I like to bring a variety of shoes with me everywhere I go. =/ I'm a shoe addict, it's what I do, but I digress. So how would one store all of them neatly when they are living in a space that is small and not entirely theirs? Well, good question, I'm glad I asked! So I brought home snow boots (thinking I would be using them, which I didn't, but again, I digress.) Uggs, flats, and a pair of sneakers and then of course for Christmas I ended up with more shoes. But I decided to store my shoes like this:


It was easy to store them under my sister's bed (which I am currently sharing with her) and get them out of the way so that I had more room for clothes in other places.

It was about a week into my stay here at home that I got sick of having to rummage in a disorganized suitcase every morning and evening for clothes, hair products, deodorant, etc, so I decided to clean the closet in my sister's room that holds all my stuff. I ended up boxing up or throwing out the majority of it and cleaned out my dresser that was in there. Thankfully there were quite a few empty drawers in there. Also, once clean, there was plenty of space to hang things, so I hung!


Like so. But Abby, what do you do with your jewelry? Well again, I'm glad I asked! =P I usually would just leave it in my travel case, but since I'm going to be on break for a month, I found a unique way to store it!


(Yes, those are year books =) ) I hung it on the top shelf with a tack! =)

The top of the dresser ended up being slightly messy, but I stored my earrings, hair stuff, and other miscellaneous things there!


I organized the drawers by category, top available was underwear/pjs/ socks, second was shirts/sweaters/tanks, and bottom was pants. Here's what one drawer (and yes, they're pretty small) ended up looking like!


Then I used all my creativity to hang the rest of my things in the empty space. I hung things as follows.


I hung my backpack from a hanger so that it would be out of the way of my sister's things.


Same with my handbag. This allowed me to have a safe place to store it where nobody would get into it and I wouldn't lose it!


I hung my jacket, sweatshirt (s), and 2 flyaways on their own hangers to keep them clean and out of people's way, and lastly... Whatever did I do with my scarves?


I put the scarves on one large hanger and hung that up. It keeps them all clean and doesn't take up much space!

So although I'm no longer "living out of a suitcase" I am living with limited clothing space, and I feel as though I'm still living out of a suitcase regardless. If you're staying somewhere with limited to no space of your own for any length of time, I suggest talking to your hosts/ hostess (es) to determine if there are any mechanisms like this that you can use. I did a very similar thing when I lived in California, and it helped out tremendously.

If you absolutely have to live out of your suitcase for a long period of time (like I did this summer) I would recommend rolling your clothes into small bundles (with or without rubber bands around them, your call) and organizing your suitcase very carefully with pieces of clothing that are both versatile and neutral with a few key "centerpieces." This means that you bring jeans, black, white, brown, and/or grey tops with brightly colored scarves or jewelry to make your outfits less boring. Then, if you have to live out of the suitcase, unroll everything. I am not joking. EVERYTHING. Fold it neatly and stack it according to type of clothing. I did separate piles this summer for dressy/ non-layering tanks, camis, beaters, short sleeves, capris, and shorts and placed it all back in the suitcase in these separated piles. Then I hung my dresses & skirts in the closet in my brother's guest room. I used my carry-on luggage to store underwear, socks, and pjs etc. And everything else went in the bathroom & on the desk in the guest room. I found that this worked well.

I hope you all enjoyed this little (okay so not little, more like HUGE, colossally long) "how-to"/"tips"/ "411" or whatever it was to you. Try this out if you want! It totally works! =)

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 1-1-11!

How did you ring in the New Year?

I rang in mine with my parents and younger siblings watching "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" on ABC and drinking root beer floats! =) It was the first time the youngers had been allowed to stay up to see the ball drop and all I could so was laugh at my sister's reaction.... to not being able to see "any ball."

"This is so disappointing! I can't see any ball! Where's the ball? When did it drop? Where is it?"

This went on for about 15 minutes into 2011. She was hilarious and adorable.

Here's where I reveal to you all my personal resolutions for the new year. So brace yourselves, they're pretty crazy... hahaha

1. Stop biting my nails.
There's a few steps to doing this, things I've been reading about and such, and I really hope have stopped this awful habit by the end of this month! I want pretty nails for Spring Break! =)
2. Save more money!
There are many reasons for this, but I've been trying to transform my closet for the past year and it's really taken a toll on my finances. Right now I'm very ashamed to admit that I only have $48 in my bank account and I'm planning to go to Spring Break in San Diego. How that's going to happen? At this point I'm not sure... but I'll figure it out.
3. Get healthy.
Really really healthy. As a lazy college student it's all too easy to go to the dining hall and get a burger or a piece of pizza for dinner. Not only does that add weight to my mid-section but it also adds grease to my arteries. Which is bad. So I'm making a resolution to go to the gym at least twice a week or more and start eating a lot healthier. Which includes eliminating soda to once a week or less.
4. Be truly happy.
This has been very easy for me in 2010 and I hope for the same to be true in 2011!

What are your resolutions? I challenge you all to make ones that will be both challenging and realistic at the same time! Good luck!!

I'm off to work on a pretty awesome Musical Monday post for you all, or at least, I think it's awesome!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness for 2011! =)