Monday, January 3, 2011

I am shamelessly in love...

with a little known YouTube sensation. But what else is new?

Lots actually, but that's beside the point...

Anyway. Back to the point. I'm shamelessly in love. And of course that can't be a dramatic overstatement because I'm not a drama queen right????? (Okay I'm having too much fun with Ctrl + b and Ctrl + i ...) But alas, I think I have fallen in love, and quite hard to be honest.

With this guy:


Oh, you wanted to see his face??


I should probably show you that, huh?


Here he is.

Mr. Joseph Vincent, or as I like to call him:




At a photoshoot at La Jolla Cove! Remember when I blogged about it here?


This is my latest most legit obsession ever: YouTube sensation Joseph Vincent. He's full-bred filipino born here in the USA. He's originally from the San Fernando Valley but he's a full-time college student at UCI.


His voice is smooth like chocolate. His eyes make me melt.


His original songs are amazing, and his covers, more often than not, (in my opinion) are better than the original versions.


He's unbelievably sexy, and I go all school-girl when I watch him on YouTube.


How could you resist?


I know I can't.

So now that I'm done oversharing pictures all of which I got here *check their page out if you like him too, they're AMAZING!* I'm going to blabber a bit and then share my 4 favorite songs of his at the moment.

I recently entered a contest on facebook for his new single. He posted a picture on his wall and told his fans that if we put it as our profile pictures and commented on the photo that we would be entered to be one of seven winners of whom six would recieve a mix tape. The seventh winner would receive a mix tape and one of the shirts that are only sold at his shows (which are few and far between and none here on the east coast!) The single drops on 1-6-11 so there is a winner being picked every day starting New Year's Day and the two final winners get picked on the day the single releases (or so I think... not entirely sure.) Annnnnyway.... pray/hope/ whatever to whatever God you believe in that I win! I want more of his music, and fast! Haha.

So here are the 4 songs I'm going to share:

First I want to start with the two covers I'm loving both done with Jason Chen (another YouTube artist/sensation who is also known as JDC Productions.)

"Hold My Hand"

"Just a Dream"

I love the beginning and very end of this video where he does the "travel back" thing with his hands. I have no clue why, but it makes me melt like crazyyyy.

Now on to his originals:

"Life of a Man"

And here is a snippet of his new single (an original song) which drops on iTunes on 1-6-11 so go get it! I heard a longer snippet when he did a BlogTV on December 23 and it was amazing it was the full on studio version and just... wow. I'm in love.

"If You Stay" -Snippet Single hits iTunes January 6th!

{Interesting fact: his tattoo says JVE (his initials) in Alibata which is an ancient Filipino language. Another fun fact is that I have a friend who is filipino (he was actually born in the Phillippines and moved to the States in middle school) and he told me there is no V in the Filipino (Alibata) alphabet!}

All of these songs (with the exception of the last one for the moment) are available on iTunes for $0.99. I encourage you to go buy them if you enjoyed what you see here. I wouldn't tell you guys to go buy something I don't support myself, but I do support him. Fully. =) If you don't want to or can't buy them then just head on over to his YouTube Channel and check him out there!

Anyway, I know this post was long, but I thought I needed to do this guy justice. I hope you all like him, and if you do please be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and/or buy his singles on iTunes!


Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)


  1. He is really good!! I love his Just a Dream cover! ANd his new song sounds good too!!!!

    plus he definitly isnt hard to look at...ahem..hahah

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who uhmmm.... appreciates... yeah that's the word! him =)

  3. He is adorable!! Crossing my fingers that you win. :)