Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Am I really still awake?

Yes, yes I am.

You see, Sunday night, since it was a long weekend, we decided to go out, and try this 19+ club out. Suffice it to say that it was interesting but we left quickly, and watched Going The Distance here in our room, and stayed up 'til 3 AM watching that, so I slept until 1 PM yesterday. So I decided, why not stay up all night tonight (correction, last night) to get my sleep cycle back on track? So I did.

What did I do? Oh, nothing productive at all. I've been laying in bed, and I've watched Dinner For Schmucks, The Other Guys, Grown Ups, and now I'm watching Despicable Me, all movies that I've seen before. Because, well, why not? And I watched the sun rise over the city for the first time ever. It was glorious. Oh the things you see before 9 AM.

I have class in approximately 3 hours, so let's hope Despicable Me is over by that time LOL. Starting tonight, our dorm room will become a hotel for roughly the next week and a half. Today, my roommate Chelsea's sister Britney is coming for two nights, then we are hosting a potential student overnight on Thursday, Friday Chelsea's friend Jill comes, she leaves Sunday, and Monday our friend Kaiya comes for a while. Then Thursday afternoon I'm jetting off to San Diego for ten days of Spring Break!

During that amount of time, I have a Poli Sci Midterm, 2 Lit papers, numerous fairy tales and children's books to read, I have to finish Eat Pray Love because it's due at the library at the end of this week, along with The Last Song, which I guess I should have been reading tonight instead of watching movies. Whoops. I will be needing the break so much by the time it finally comes. I'm hoping that my first weekend there Ethan will be able to come down from his MOS school for the weekend and that my brothers, my sister in law, and friends, will be able to go play laser tag or go bowling or something. It would be lots of fun.

On another note, as you've probably noticed if you read this blog, there was a big to-do about Justin Bieber getting his hair cut. In other Bieber News: I saw Never Say Never 3D this weekend, a movie review is coming soon, although I may wait until I see the Director's Fan Cut this weekend! Also, Born to be Somebody is now my new favorite Bieber tune. Good thing he came out with new stuff, because I was hungry for more, and I was beginning to get tired of listening to his old stuff over and over again.

In yet more celebrity/music related news: I'm going to see Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae on May 7th! YAY! I'm so excited since it's only $35 and I missed his show here last time due to it being sold out and me not knowing in advance. So I'm super hyped for that.

Alright, I'm off to read a bit while semi-watching Despicable Me, and getting ready for class... wish me luck! (With what I honestly have no clue.)

Confession of a College Student: This was a rambly post and for some reason I feel like I needed to do it. I'm way off track with posting and keeping with my New Years Resolutions for this blog, but I'm still adjusting to life back here and all the work. Maybe over Spring Break things will get back on track, let's hope so. College is crazy and hectic. Wish me luck with that.... yeah, I think that's what I meant when I first said wish me luck. lol. Good morning world!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

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