Thursday, March 3, 2011

Airport Blogging...

I'm at the airport blogging to you all! I'm excited to be here, but it wasn't an easy road lol.

We got here at 2:00 pm only to find out my flight had been cancelled! Since Continental didn't call me, and the guy who worked at the counter was so so nice, they switched me over to Delta for about $70 cheaper, checked my bag for free, and are getting me to San Diego an hour earlier than I was supposed to be originally, YAY! Sometimes the worst things can become the best. And it's really funny cuz I was all stressed and nervous last night, clearly for something! But it turned out amazing.

And if you follow me on twitter you know that the airport store charged me $3.19 for a Vitamin Water, but only $2.99 for a magazine... something is wrong with that picture... just sayin'. Only in airports ya'll!

Okay, it's almost time to board! Chat with you all when I land!!!

Peace, ♥, and happiness! =)

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