Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Rain...

It rained in San Diego last night and a little bit this morning. Not gonna lie, it was actually kinda refreshing to be able to walk around in the rain... because it wasn't frozen, and I didn't need a rain coat and rain boots.

Today, it looks like we're just going to be hanging out (and by we I mean me and my brother's friend's dog Tyson. Long story short, my brother's friend and his dog live with my brother and his wife for the time being so I have a buddy and I'm never alone! lol) because my sister in law is supposed to work until 2:45 and then my brother goes to work not long after that. Tomorrow should be better because my sister in law has the day off (Tuesday-Thursday) so we can go shopping and over to La Jolla Cove to bottle some sand for my roommates and friends back on the East Coast. We were going to go rock climbing today, but my sister in law can't get off early, so it doesn't exactly look like that's going to happen. We'll be making our way to do that later this week though.

It's so funny to me that with it being in the 50s, 60s, and sometimes 70s here, I'm the only one who considers it warm enough to wear shorts and tank tops, and then I remember that to these people, this weather is cold. Haha. They're all wearing jeans, sweaters, boots. I think it's funny. Wednesday it's supposed to hit 79 degrees. Whippin' out a dress or a skirt for that one! =D

In other random news, by way of a BlogTV webcast by a Mr. Joseph Vincent and his manager Tom Ngo, I came across a new Chinese rapper "MC Jin." Now, not only does he have some serious rap game (lol at my trying to be cool...) but he's been around for something like a decade, so why I never heard of him is beyond me. Apparently he was born in Miami, but now lives in Hong Kong where his parents are from. If you want to really know the ins and outs of him, see the wikipedia page about him here.

Anyway, the point of that was to tell you that if you hear (read) me saying "Aiya!" here, on twitter, tumblr, or facebook, it came from Jin. On BlogTV last night he gave birth to his own "catchphrase" like so many other rappers have. If you want to know more of the backstory check out the video he made explaining it here. It was a really funny webcast, and I sorta feel like a part of this exclusive group of people who really know Aiya! lol... It was kinda cool to be there for the beginning of it. Also, hearing him rap "Black and Yellow" and sing "Just A Dream" in Cantonese was hilarious. I'm telling you, these people are funny!

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. I'm looking forward to having an outfit post for you all soon! =)

PS- Check Jin's website out at And if you desire follow him on twitter @ayojin if you so desire, but at least be sure to check out this music video because even though if you don't speak Canto it's still a really awesome song. Okay, enough about Jin! GO WATCH!

Peace, ♥ , happiness =), and AIYA! lol

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