Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today has been a really awesome day!

By now you should know that with me, what you see is what you get. For the most part. And as you saw, this is a post about how awesome my day has been!

Firstly, a Happy Birthday is in order! Today marks Justin Bieber's 17th Birthday! Only one more year until I can stop feeling creepy for being semi-in-love with him!

So, today my dear friend Kaiya made her way down to Bean Town from Maine for a brief overnight visit! Exciting!

I finally received my Joseph Vincent Mixtape today! I wasn't surprised that the outside was autographed like this:

But what I never ever expected to see (although someone I'm quite fond of would dare me to "Never Say Never" lol) was what was on the inside cover:

He addressed it to me! He wrote my name! I'm pretty sure he'll really know that name one day, you know, when we get married or something.... =D (I'm actually fairly certain that he and I will meet someday. Or at least, optimistic!)

Another thing that made today a great day was that my dad bought and sent me this for my plane ride on Thursday night:

I love my dad! A quote from him recently (when he decided to hijack my mom's Facebook account to comment on a status about my brother's birthday): " JB is sooo HOT, The Dad. PS Did you see his new do?" Yup, that's my dad for you!

In other news, I have so much on my plate tonight and tomorrow! Between now and then I have to watch a film for Spanish class, study for my Macro Economics mid-term, read for my American Politics class, pack, run to the library and CVS, import my iTunes library onto my iPod and countless other things. Somehow though, my flight feels like it's so far away! I'm not sure why, but it does! I'm planning another current obsessions post soon, mostly beauty related, and yes, I PROMISE I'm still working on that inspiration post! I lost a lot of the photos I was planning on using so I'm working to either get them back, or replace them with others!

Well that's all for now. How was your day?

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! =)

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