Monday, April 11, 2011

San Diego, One Month Later, In Summary.

Disclaimer: This post is mainly a journal entry type that details what I did over spring break. It might be considered boring to some people, so I will not be disappointed should you decide not to read it, either partially or in it's entirety. :)

I decided I finally had some time to write this post about San Diego Spring Break 2011.

In summary it went a little like this:

Thursday 3/3: Board Plane in Boston, land in Detroit, sprint 1 mile (literally) across the biggest terminal ever and barely make my connection, land in San Diego, drop off dinner to Ben who was on duty, head to the house, watch Jersey Shore with Mike and Thomas, drop dead on the couch. :)

Friday 3/4: Wake up, Ben comes home from being on duty, Play with Tyson, Aom goes to work, Go out to dinner at Buca with Thomas, Mike, and Ben and come home to listen to them talk about stupid things. Mike fell asleep next to the couch that night, and that's where I slept. It was weird.

Saturday 3/5: Wake up late, run around like a maniac, drive 3 hours up to 29 Palms to see Ethan, bowling, and hit up the outlets in Palm Springs, then drive home and drop dead from exhaustion.

Sunday 3/6: Do nothing all day. Just sit at home and run to 7eleven to get some Pepsi to go with our ribs that we ate for dinner. Boring, but in a really good way.

Monday 3/7: Wake up and go to Pat and Oscars for lunch with Ben, Aom, and Thomas and then run to the barber shop (complete and total foreign territory, I'm telling you.) Ben goes to work and we eat Hot Pot and Fried ice cream for dinner! :)

Tuesday 3/8: Go rock climbing! Then eat out at a local Chinese buffet! YUM. Get back, take Ben to work, shower, Starbucks, drop Ben & his co-workers some dinner, go to In N Out for dinner. :)

Wednesday 3/9: Crab Hut & Fashion Valley. Food & Shopping, YUM.

Thursday 3/10: Hang around the house, go to Sab E Lee for dinner! (Which just so happens to be my favorite Thai restaurant in San Diego!) Then head home and watch Jersey Shore with Thomas and Tyson :)

Friday 3/11: Last full day in town, so I went around the Mira Mesa area to shop! :) It was nice, and a beautiful day out! Although I didn't buy much it was fun! Then Ben made some really good spaghetti for dinner :)

Saturday 3/12: Last day in town! I went to Ross and found some adorable shoes! Then we picked the boys up, went to Starbucks, then headed on up to Escondido to eat at Famous Daves! After that we went back home, I finished packing up, and we headed on out to the airport!

Sunday 3/13: Land in Boston, meet Kelly at the airport, then come back here and crash.

So in summary, that's what the trip was like! I know it seems boring but I genuinely had a great time. For me, the most important part was just being there with my family :)

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! :)

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