Thursday, April 7, 2011

Staying Up All Night.

Sometimes staying up all night is the only way to feel like you're getting a break. That's my feeling right now. I'm gonna stay up all night tonight in the hopes of watching a movie or two, finishing Eat Pray Love (which I've been reading since February...) getting some additional homework done, and just relaxing for me. Hopefully I'll get you all a full post this weekend as I'm heading to my grandparent's house. [Possibly to get my hair done! Can't wait to return to planet blonde!] If not, I'll get to you ASAP! Promise! In the meantime head to Twitter and Tumblr for funny/interesting/up to date info on my life! Also, housing selection was tonight! I'll blog about that soon... it was complicated and interesting to say the least, but I'm pretty pleased with the outcome! And possibly a Inspirations part II post coming soon! Lots to look forward to!

Peace, ♥ , and happiness! :)

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