Monday, June 20, 2011

Airport Blogging: Phoenix Edition

Welcome to Phoenix ladies and gentlemen, local times is 12:54 pm. The local weather is mostly sunny with a slight fog and temperature is a cool 93 degrees Fahrenheit. We've got another 3 hours until take off to New England and are suffering severe boredom. As you may have noticed, our laptop battery is currently almost drained with no hope of recharging due to the "geezers" just hanging out at the electronics hot spot having what looks to be an extremely intriguing conversation with no electronics in sight. Due to this, our original flight plan of a Skype call with a friend looks to be cancelled for the time being. So for now, just sit back, relax, soak in that boredom, and try not to go insane until we're clear for takeoff.

That was my attempt at airport humor. I hope it made you laugh a little bit if nothing else. I'm here in Phoenix after a crazy morning! I awoke at 8 am to find Ben home, sleeping. We were supposed to leave the house at 8:15, but obviously, I didn't get up on time. Thankfully just about everything was already packed minus my blanket, deodorant, toothbrush, and pajamas. We made it out of the house at 8:45 and in my haste, I didn't get to pet my puppies Tyson and Kea (Kay-ah) goodbye. Also, because it was Monday morning and the commuters were out in full force I didn't get to say goodbye to Aom, who was at work. Grrrrrr traffic. On top of that the parking lot was PACKED, the check in desk had a line a mile long, and security had a huge line as well. By some miracle I still managed to make it to my gate 20 minutes early. I think someone was looking out for me this morning. The flight to Phoenix was rather uneventful.

So now aside from the geezers hogging the tech island, being bored, and drinking my weight in root beer (I am so thirsty, it's ridiculous.) I'm good. I'll check back in with you all via Twitter periodically. (Because if you know me, you know I'm borderline obsessed with tweeting.)

Peace, ♥, and happiness! :)

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  1. Sorry I don't tweet, but I hope to hear from you soon. I am glad you made it there safely.