Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Need Someone To Tell Me I'm Crazy...

I really do. I seriously need someone to tell me that I'm clinically insane. Or something like that. Today I had weird thoughts about being here versus being there. I had thoughts about asking my grandparents for a one way ticket back. I had thoughts about leaving here and going back there. I had serious thoughts. And I still do. But I know I won't do it. I just need someone to tell me I'm crazy. Only 13 more weeks and I'm back at it again. 13 weeks will be a cinch, especially since it's already Wednesday.

13 more weeks. 13 more weeks. 13 more weeks.

If 2 weeks can fly by, so can 6.5 times that right?


  1. You are insane… but we all get that way. Like they say you can have you cake and eat it too. Try and remember why you are there, what is it that makes you happy there, what is it that you could never get anywhere else but there. You can always go back to your old life, but you’ll never have anything new if you do.

    I know it sucks, but grin and bear it… you’ll be a better person for it, and not to mention you’ll have no regrets.

    It sucks to look back wishing you could do things different… it’s better to look ahead glad for the opportunity to be who you want to be!!

    Best of luck

  2. Hey, I'm right there with ya then. I have at least a day a week that I'm ready to get in my car and go back to the town my school is in--because I miss my friends, my independence, and everything else there THAT much.

    When you figure out how to balance everything please let me know!