Monday, June 13, 2011

More updates, and I'm a Lobster...

Hey all! Hope your weekend went well and that you're getting ready to enjoy the coming week and work hard! I'm in for another week of hanging out here on the couch, but I'm okay with it for now.

I did get to talk to my manager at work tonight and he said that I "should" be on the schedule which he said comes out Friday. The only doubt I have with this is that the schedule actually comes out Wednesday. Also, he didn't mention having gotten an email from corporate, or anything that he had mentioned in the previous conversation we had, so I have a feeling I'm flying back to MA this weekend/next week sometime. I'm strangely okay with it though.

I'm also a lobster. My mom told me that it would be okay for me to lay out today for 30 minutes on each side and I shouldn't get a burn because it was "later in the day" (2 pm) and I should be okay. Well obviously that was a fail because I am now red all over my back. I'm also pretty sure that my stomach will be pretty red come morning... and don't even get me started on my chest/neck/face. My entire left cheek is bright red minus where my sunglasses were. It looks just marvelous. And it doesn't hurt at all. (Note the sarcasm.) On the plus side, I did get to wear my new bikini for the first time :D [It's adorable, it's blue with red, light blue, and green floral print...]

Well that's all for now! Hopefully I'll have something interesting soon!

Peace, ♥, and happiness! :)

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  1. Put viniger on bad sun burns it help so you don't peel.

    it sucks because you stink, but it rocks...