Monday, September 12, 2011

Pretty Much I Fail At Blogging...

So although there has not been a great excuse as to why I haven't sat down and written at least a little bit for you all, I have been busy soaking up time with my girls, and that has been a pure blessing.

It's so wonderful to be back at my home away from home and to spend time with my soul sisters once more. The reunion has definitely been one full of smiles and happiness. And lots of laughs. And while we all do have big things on our minds, on our plates, and in our lives, we've had each other to lean on and talk to once again. And I can't begin to tell you how good that feels. I've had a bit of bonding time with just about each of the girls and it's been sheer bliss.

I love knowing that no matter what I will have friends to catch me when I fall, because then I'm not quite so afraid to fall and make those mistakes.

As for blog updates, I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, so I should be able to spend some more time working on my writing on here. In addition, I have been trying to think about what I would like to re-design the blog to look like for fall/winter. I hope that I can come up with a decent idea rather soon as it's been two weeks of drawing blanks.

That's all for now. Time to hop into bed and snuggle with my body pillow :)

Peace, ♥, and happiness! :)

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