Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's That Kind of Night.

I know that I have a tendency to complain. I'm not here to debate that. I'm actually here to complain a little bit. If that's alright with you. And well, if it's not, you should probably stop reading.

Work was pretty awful tonight. But I've been taking every shift I possibly can because going to Miami with my friends for spring break is important to me. I kind of had a feeling I shouldn't be taking the shift tonight, but I did anyway. I started at 4 and it was so dead they let me go home at 7. But we were super busy for take out. So that led to $36 in tips. Split between 4 people, that should be $9 each. Well, no, apparently whoever split tips thought I only deserved $6. And nobody wants to be that person, so I stayed silent. But it's annoying. 

It's almost as if they feel my work isn't worth as much as theirs. And I know for a fact it wasn't an adding error because I know who split the tips and he had just said we should each get $9 to someone else (apparently he thought it was out of my earshot.)

But I'm not here to complain because I'm angry. I'm just frustrated because I had to pay $45 to get a trim for my hair today (which is a lot for a trim!) and I was hoping that the $9 would replace some of that so I could go buy some things I need at Target tomorrow. But I guess not. I'm just kind of annoyed, truth be told. So I'm not complaining because I'm angry, I'm just kind of venting so that I don't have to deal with the annoyingness of being frustrated all night.

Thanks for listening. (Or... you know, not. *insert some kind of chuckle or something here*)